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Lust For Life!

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[Sep. 29th, 2005|01:20 pm]
Lust For Life!


Hey all,

I noticed this community hasn't been very active lately and I just remembered something I'd found a couple of weeks ago (I looked at the old posts and don't think it's been mentioned here).

SSSSH - The Secret Society of Serendipitous Service to Hal. It's a "secret society" where people do anonymous good deeds and leave a little card with a link to the website so the receivers can pass on the love. The site has a bunch of ideas of things to do, which I think are totally sweet. Some are harder to do anonymously than others, but there's definitely at least one thing that anyone here could do. So, I suggest that you guys join me in doing at least one anonymous good deed this week.


Something that makes me happy is baking surprises for people. I love when people share their baked goods. I brought cookies to John Vanderslice at his concert in Detroit last year and might bring something to the one in Toronto this year. I'm thinking of baking some cookies before I go to visit my friends in my college town this weekend. Hopefully it will cheer up the sleepy bartender who is balancing full time work and school. Though I don't know if he's a sugar fiend like I am, I'm sure the other people there will appreciate it anyway.