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Even though I'm not a huge Star Wars fan, I always like the release dates of the Star Wars minis. It means that that weekend, the Downtown Square has Storm Troopers walking along it.

This happened two trips ago:
Yesterday's trip was no exception. However, when the car was approaching it, and we saw a handful of Stormtroopers walking the block in front of the store, I let out an exasperated sigh and a "I'm not going in there!" when I secretly thought it was great to see people dressed up in costume and roaming the city (but I like any instance when people dress up and roam around, obviously).

Turns out there are 4 Stormtroopers and a Sith Lord roaming the establishment. athanata and I are being snickery and silly while halooverhorns orders the game he wants. Melinda finds an unused Jed light saber. When she notices that one of the Stormtroopers in standing right outside the door. She attacks-- thrusting her body forward, she whacks him in the chest with the light saber, letting out a NNNIYNNNG! and then retreating quickly.

From inside, all you see is the Stormtrooper look the direction she came from, look away, and look back again. I took that to be a "What the hell was that?" reaction.

The Stormtroopers walk away. Melinda stakes her place outside, ready for her next attack. That is, until she sees two of them heading right for her. She barrels inside, hiding behind me, the islands of games, anything she can fit behind. One storm guard heads in, and she plans her assault. Until his partner shows up. Melinda is dancing back and forth, trying to figure out which Stormtrooper to attack. She decides to use Garren and me as "human shields" (although, thinking about it, a Jedi wouldn't use a human as a shield... except maybe that puss Anakin).

She launches the attack, swinging the lightsaber at one Stormtrooper, then the other, with loud NNNIYNNNG! s, happy to have fought proudly against two Stormtroopers-- that is, until the remaining two and Sith Lord show up.

Then Melinda tried to fight valiantly one last time before falling the ground. You hear a crackle and a Stormtrooper says, "We got a Jedi."

The kids in the store (there were like 392034830 of them) start screaming and clapping really loudly. I think I have hella dorky friends. But they're kind of fantastic like that. (and while I like to pretend to be too cool to have been there for that and enjoyed it, I was kind of damning myself for not having my camera with me.)

O, sweet comfort...

Yesterday I found a beautiful pair of faded jeans that fit me so well, I dashed out of the fitting room to show the Somali woman putting clothes away. She congratulated me again later on my way out of the store.
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Jeez! Long time, NOOOO updates.

Here are things that I find lovely and fabulous lately (sorry to those who have seen these):

My first attempts at sewing something from scratch.

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plea for help on behalf of all Gulf Coast and New Orleans residents

I drafted this yesterday on my way out of the storm affected areas. PLEASE forward this to anyone, everyone you can think of. Friends, family, individuals, corporations, national and internation news media. Also, if you feel so inclined, feel free to print out copies of this and hand them out to friends and family or even post them up in your hometown.

Additionally, I'd like to ask you to contact your congresspeople and state representatives immediately and tell them to get more national guard and law enforcement officials down there ASAP. The stories I'm hearing from friends and friends of friends who are stuck in New Orleans and even in Baton Rouge are horrifying, it's turning into complete anarchy.

I am writing to plea on behalf of all residents of the Gulf Coast region, from Louisiana to Florida. I am one of the lucky ones – I braved the storm and got out to be able to tell about it. I grew up in Gulfport, Mississippi but have lived and worked primarily in New Orleans for the last four years. Some friends and I evacuated that city late Saturday night to stay in Gulfport where we felt safer from the storm surge and flooding. Eight of us rode it out in my mother’s home, listening to and feeling the roaring winds and rains for almost 12 hours. Our back porch roof was ripped off completely, and the roof over our kitchen was punctured, leaving the kitchen in shambles from the effects of wind and rain. We count ourselves lucky, the house is still livable and everyone who stayed there is safe. My mother’s business and entire source of income, however, is completely destroyed. All of my friends from New Orleans have given up hope of salvaging their homes and possessions. Several friends, including my boyfriend’s father, are still stranded in New Orleans. My boyfriend and I were able to make it out of Gulfport to the nearest open airport, which was Baton Rouge, to fly north to help his company relocate and continue to do business. He is one of the lucky ones – he still has a job. When we left my mother’s house there was absolutely no communication in or out of the area, and we barely knew the status of Biloxi, the next city over, let alone much information about New Orleans.

I implore you, I plead with you, and I beg you, HELP US. Millions of people are homeless, without the basic necessities of life, or worse yet, hurt or dead. Many of these jobs and homes will be irreplaceable. The majority of these people have no way right now to ask you for help themselves. I’m sure they won’t mind me requesting assistance on their behalf. Last year I felt the effects of the tsunami in Southeast Asia from the other side of the world. Myself and many of my friends donated what we could to help with the relief efforts there. All we can do right now is hope that the people of the world will be as generous towards us as we tried to be for those who suffered through that tragedy. I am begging you, do what you can and put yourself in our shoes. Please know, I have seen friends and neighbors banding together to help each other make it through this experience. I will be the first to condemn those who are seen looting useless personal property, but please understand that those who have been left behind are forced to do what they must to survive at this point. They cannot do much without outside help. This is what we need from all of you so urgently at this time. Please don’t let us down – we can’t make it without you.

Mallory Whitfield
August 31, 2005


It would be so cool if they were able to prove that Bigfoot exists! And it would be even cooler if the Loch Ness Monster was real...I always wanted to believe in the Loch Ness Monster.

Canadian lab to test 'sasquatch' hair

Tue Jul 26,12:48 AM ET

VANCOUVER, British Columbia (Reuters) - The debate over the existence of sasquatch, aka Bigfoot, an ape-like creature said to haunt the wilderness of western Canada has entered the world of modern DNA testing.

A laboratory will test hair samples that several residents of Teslin, Yukon, say were left when the large, but so-far mythological creature made a late-night run through their community in early July.

University of Alberta wildlife geneticist David Coltman, who agreed to do the tests as a favor to a colleague, said on Monday that scientists have cataloged the DNA of nearly all large animals in the Yukon such as bears and bison.

"So we'll compare it to all of that, and if it doesn't match anything, then it's potentially interesting," said Coltman, who suspects the hair was actually left behind by a much more mundane Yukon bison.

"If sasquatch is indeed a primate, then we would expect the sample to be closer to humans or chimpanzees or gorillas," Coltman said.

The legend of a large, hairy, two-legged creature lurking in the mountains of western Canada and the United States dates back to before Europeans settled the continent. This was the second report of the creature near Teslin in just over a year.

In the latest sighting, a group of Teslin residents told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. they heard branches cracking and saw a large human-like creature run by a house. It left behind large footprints, they said, and the hair tufts that were given to wildlife officials.

Coltman expects to have his results on Thursday and said that even if the hair turns out not to be from a sasquatch, the process should serve as good way to get students interested in the field of DNA testing.

"It's sort of like a wildlife CSI story," he said.
bears in Bath
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What are your top 3 goals in life? Try to be as specific as possible. "Happiness" cannot be one of them; that should be a given. Instead, these three goals should be the top things that could help to bring about happiness in your life.

I'll respond in the comments and you should too. Cross-posted to my personal journal.
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I just found this site: today through Yahoo's pick of the day page. Wow, what a great site (even though the layout bugs me, pop-ups and no back browser buttons). It basically has all of these assignments of great inspiring sorts of things to do, and then people who have done them are listed with evidence of their completion of the assignment. Kind of hard to explain, but easy to understand once you see it in action.

Lots are great ideas for adding to a 101 things to do in 1001 days list. Which in itself is a great idea, I'm obsessed with trying to mark things off of my list since I made it a few months back!

P.S. Does anyone know of good people/places to promote this community to? It's wee now, but it could be so great and wonderful!